Tai yra virtualus Europos savanorių tarnybos dalyvių iš užsienio šalių dienoraštis, kuriame jauni asmenys aprašo savo įspūdžius Marijampolėje, vykdomas veiklas bei laisvalaikio praleidimo ypatumus Lietuvoje.

30 Jan 2017
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Hello :)

YarenHello I have last 4 days before I go to Lithuania. This post was actually written 1 week ago but I’m so excited I can not decide what to do first before the trip. After volunteering services in Turkey now I will have some experience in Lithuania. Volunteering is a lifestyle for me.

On February 3rd we will go to the capital city of Lithuania – Vilnius -  via Ukraine flying from Ankara and hey will meet us at the airport. We’ll be living in the city of Marijampole.  I will work there voluntarily, I wonder what different things they teach in their school. I will make plenty of observations. I am curious about the food. I think I will easily adapt to it.

Let’s see what is waiting for me in this adventure. See you later

03 Apr 2016
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That’s It


This week was Okay. We had the first round of Kas, Kur, Kada? and I think students liked it. We have 3 teams that moved to final! Let’s see who will win :P

On Saturday, we had a conference about European Citizens’ Initiative and we made a presentation. I think it was good, at least participants liked it :)

Yeah, we have a new flatmate. She is fro Italy. She seems quite nice girl, hope we will spend good time together. We are thinking making a party this week to celebrate her arrival and to taste her Sangrilla ^^

And one more thing, I decided not to write these blogs anymore. I think it’s waste of time and nobody reads them :P So, with this blog I would like to say good bye. If something super exciting does not happen, I will not write again.

All the best,


25 Mar 2016
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This week was very nice! Vladas came back and we visited many places ^^ We went to some Georgian place and ate shashlikas (Mtsvadi <3). Of course, it was not so good as in my country but still I enjoyed it a lot!

Then Vladas took me to children’s house where I met amazing children and we painted eggs together. They were so sweet! But there’s one thing I don’t like going to these type of places – saying goodbye. Every time I have to say goodbye is extremely sad because I see that everyone goes there and no one stays… But that’s life, I will try to visit them again : )

Yesterday we went to Uzbek restaurant, called “1001 nights” :D It was just great! The atmosphere was really Asian with music and uniforms of the waitresses. The food was also quite nice and we spent a lot of time there but it was totally worth it.

Oh, yes this Sunday it’s Easter. I love Easter! Even though Orthodox don’t celebrate it now I still have a very positive mood. Weather helped me in that a lot, because I think yesterday for the first time it was warm! Can you imagine? Warm in Lithuania! So, it made my hope survive :P

Tomorrow, we plan to go to Suwalki ^^

Happy Eater!


18 Mar 2016
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It is starting!

Finally, after this not very active period, more interesting part began!

This week I have started delivering the presentations in gymnasiums of Marijampole to invite students to take part in our new project “Kas, Kur, Kada?” As I have already mentioned this will be an intellectual game that will show “the smartest school”. Currently, I’m really busy with organizing this things and I love it. It was kinda boring during past 2-3 weeks.

Besides, Sharune asked for a help to make a presentation about European citizenship. Even though I have no idea about this topic, I think I will make it ^^

Oh, and Vladas is finally back! :D He came back and stay here till we leave I think and it’s great because I believe he is the one who understand our needs the best. Today, I’m planning to prepare some Georgian food and invited Vladas and Karolina ^^ I believe it will be a nice Friday night.

Okay, that is it for now.


12 Mar 2016
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The Best Trip Ever!


We are back! This time it’s not so exciting to be back because this trip was just perfect! I’m so happy that we decided to do it.

At first, we went to Berlin where we met my sister and her husband. It was amazing to see them after so many months <3 we walked around the city and visited the biggest zoo in EU, yuhuu!


And then we flew to Paris. OMG, I have never had the attraction to Paris but it is the best one!. It is sooo beautiful, so fancy and so old at the same time that it gives you special feeling. We stayed at Ali’s house there and it was the best location ever. We lived near the Arc de Triumph and could walk everywhere.





I’m lazy to say every detail but it was really, really cool :D

Oh, and I’m sick again :/ it’s already driving me crazy…  In Paris it was sunny and warm and here it’s cold and rain again, how can a person not get sick? :( Hope I’ll be better by Monday.

See you,




04 Mar 2016
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I’m super excited because I’m going for a holiday tonight ^^ First, I will go to Berlin to meet with my sister and her husband and then I will go to Paris! I did not plan to go to Paris, but then Emil remembered that Ali is still there and he could host us. So we will see Ali again (I never thought that I would see him after Lithuania, so cool!) and walk in Paris <3 Paris is like a dream, I don’t know what to expect but I’m sure we will love it!

But I’m more excited because I will see my sister! It’s more than 4 months we have not seen each other and I miss her so much <3 It’s her first time there so we will show her the places and eat a lot of German food!

Today, we had a guest in the organization. Aiste from the national agency visited us to monitor the project. We had a long discussion about how everything is going and I think she is satisfied with the results. I’m so happy that Vladas is coming in 2 weeks, I look forward to his arrival as I think that he has some fresh ideas and we will have more interesting period.

That’s it for now. Will be back with new memories and pictures.


26 Feb 2016
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Back to Work


After the mid-term meeting it was very hard to get back to daily routine and continue working. But at the same time, I was relaxed and full of energy. I got back to the projects I had started implementing such as Kas, Kur, Kada. We also had another meeting with youngsters from Marijampole gymnasiums and discussed various topics. I think they really do enjoy coming and talking to us!

Ah, yeah, I got sick…Again! I have a sore throat and I don’t know what to do. I already hate tea, I’m drinking at least 10 cups a day :X

Today, in the morning it was a very nice weather, sun was shining and it was not very cold but half an hour ago, it started snowing!!! I thought the winter came back but you know what? Now, it’s sunny again. This weather is killing me, literally!


20 Feb 2016
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Mid-Term Meeting


Ah, last week I spent in a very beautiful place in Lithuania near Trakai. It was the great hotel with amazing rooms and view.

The training itself was also very nice, but to be honest I got a bit bored. There was a lot of activities when we had to listen to others and just think, think, think :D

It’s so hard to concentrate on the job again and go back to the daily routine but I have to…

I don’t have the photos yet so I cannot upload them now, maybe next time :)


13 Feb 2016
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Long Holiday


I’ve just realized that I will not go to office for about 10 days. How is it? Cool, right? :D Yeah, on Tuesday there is an Independence Day of Lithuania so it’s not a working day and our sweet staff decided that we need to have day off on Monday too! And then, on Tuesday I’m leaving to my mid-term meeting for 4 days. Basically, I’ll be away till 22 and I think it’s great. I will have time to miss being here and re-think about my decisions. I really looking forward to mid-term meeting as I believe it will help me to sum up what I have already done and what I will be going to do.

Oh, this weekend will be great I think cause it’s Valentine’s Day ^^ Actually, I don’t really like Valentine’s day as all the previous ones were simply boring and stupid but I hope this one will be different! Today, we are planning to go to the cinema and watch some movies that I’m not into it but Emil really wants to watch and tomorrow we are planning to spend Valentine’s day in Kaunas. Let’s see ^^

That’s it for now. Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck ^^


05 Feb 2016
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I did not know what name I should have given to this blog, so I left it like that.

This week was normal. We started working on the intellectual game “What, Where, When?”. I met representative of the Munivipality who suggested me some schools that can participate. Currently, we need to meet with ambassadors from schools and plan details of the project.

This weekend there’s “Uzgavenes” (or something like that), which is the festival when people are inviting spring and say bye to winter. They told me, they are making a lot of pancakes on this day and I love pancakes! So, looking forward too. But, the biggest and best festival is in different city near Kaunas where I really want to go but nobody is taking us :( So I will attend the one here in Marijampole.

Hmmm, I think nothing else… Oh, I am going to have holiday in March ^^ and I will see my sister! So happy for that <3 It will be a reunion: My sister, her husband, Emil and I. Awww, so cute :D

Yeah, that’s pretty it.

See you. Iki

29 Jan 2016
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New Ideas


I’m really sorry that my previous blogs were kind of depressing but I believe this period of my service is over! Maybe because that the weather became better or maybe because I realized that being upset will not help me in any way, I decided to change something. One of the main reasons why I was sad most of the times is that currently, working process is not very active and all we do is just sitting in the office and writing some stuff. Yes, I know that that’s why I came here – to write – but it was too much… We could not and did not really want to go anywhere because of freeze and everything seemed extremely boring. So, Emil and I decided that maybe it’s time to do something! Time to new initiatives!

I always believed that if you don’t like anything, you need to change it (at least try). So, one day while cooking we were discussing some ideas and came up to some interesting initiatives. Intellectual game “What, Where, When?” is quite popular in Georgia, so we thought we can make one here as well. Andrius liked our idea so we have already started working on it. Besides, we want to created debates club where students will be able to debate in English. It will, on the one hand, improve their debate culture and, on the other hand, improve their level of English. And at last but not the least, we suggested to have regular meetings with popular and successful people in Marijampole, who would share their stories with youth and reassure them that everything is possible and all they have to do is a hard work.

Additionally, we prepared two Erasmus+ projects for this deadline and I hope they will be financed. So, hopefully, from today everything will be just positive and all of us will be happy : ) I’m a bit concerned about my health condition, I hope it will be okay and I will be able to finish my service throughout.


22 Jan 2016
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Why I write these blogs


Recently, I’ve been asking myself why I’m writing these blogs while nobody really cares and reads them : )) Actually, the fact that nobody reads them gives me more space to be even more honest and open. It’s like talking to myself but in written form :D But really, I answered my question! The reason I’m writing all these is that when I go back home after a long time, I would like to remember all the feelings and thoughts I had during my service. I believe it will be very enjoyable to read how I spent every week while being an EVS volunteer.

My depression is gradually going away and I’m happy for it! It’s extremely hard to explain people here why you are upset, why you want to sleep all the time and be at home. I told myself that I need to carry on and I think I will succeed. But, anyway I think that the working hours should be changed during winter! It is sooooooo hard to wake up in the morning :( I’m like a dead in my bed, cannot open my eyes when the alarm rings…

Oh, this week I received an e-mail concerning my mid-term training. I remember my on-arrival as a great time spent with other EVS volunteers in Lithuania and looking forward to this one as well. I believe our on-arrival group was the best ever but hope, this one won’t be bad too. According to the list, I will be with two other Georgians. I have not met any other Georgians before, so let’s see, hope they are nice :) The only bad thing about this everything is that Emil is not in my group and we have to go separately. Holiday from each other…

Mmm, I think that’s it for now. See you.



18 Jan 2016
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Decision has been made – now I know it all!

You know what is the best part of Volunteering? You can put yourself together and start thinking about your future without anything or anyone interfering. If you do not know what you want to do in life, you can get away from everyone (it’s like yoga) and start thinking about it analyzing your skills and experience along with what you actually want to do!

So here is what’s up: One of the reasons I decided to volunteer, was that I did not know whether I should continue my career in the public or private sectors. As a matter of fact, I have a working experience in both fields and both are extremely different from each other.

I am a graduate of Law faculty, worked as a lawyer in non-governmental organizations trying to criticize the government for sometime but decided that this is not necessarily what I would do all my life! I need something more exciting and challenging! Therefore, I decided to step into the private sector with establishing a few businesses and even though I have never studied business administration, I already have quite experience in the relevant fields.

So, I was sort of stuck between these two fields – go to public sector and work for the government or stay in the private sector and develop my own enterprise? I decided both! I have studied law for 4 years now and can talk about law-related issues for days, but now I think it is time to get some deep knowledge into the business-making process.

I believe two years of masters in business will give me enough skills and experience to develop myself in this field. Afterwards, I believe I will be able to work as a public servant or a business maker and consultant, depending on where my experience will bring me!

Let’s hope everything goes fine and I am accepted to business school, haha! Fingers crossed  : )) Now it is Gvantsa’s turn to decide. Let’s do it Gvantsa!!

16 Jan 2016
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Week of Farewells


Ah, this week was a tough one… I had to say goodbye to my friends and I feel very sad.

First of all, as I have already mentioned, my flatmates – other volunteers in SI – Ugur and Ali left us. Usually, it is sad that a person with whom you have been living for 4 months leaves but it is sadder when they are two. We had a small farewell party at the office and shared our last wishes. This made me imagine myself being in the same situation after several months and I had quite strange feeling.

Vladas also left for his studies. I don’t know why but I love when Vladas is here. When he is at the office, it’s like full and when he leaves something is missing. This time, I think he will come back soon yeeeey ^^

Besides them, my friend who visited me for New Year had also left, so currently it’s only Emil and I who are living in our huge apartment. Honestly speaking, it had its own positive sides, now everything is the way we like but we need to get used to coming back home and not meeting anyone.

My depression because of the weather is getting better I think. I’m trying to get used to it even though it’s very hard.

See you,


08 Jan 2016
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Aciu už viską

Labas visiems,

Here we go; end of the route…

End of the Route

Deepful thoughts

It has been three months since I arrived here and time to go back now. I am coming back to Turkey with lof of unforgettable memories, friendships, experiences.


On-arrival training in Bebrusų Dvaras

I have complished many tasks here. I made a photoshoots, video editings, photoshops, made presentations, went to highschools. It was really helpful for my educational and private life.


Presentation in Kazlų Rūdos Kazio Griniaus gimnazija


During some presentations I had a chance to meet beautiful people,


Ordinary music class in Rygiškių Jono Gimnazijos



Ordinary Maxima day

I also had a chance to travel different cities of Lithuania, Denmark and Spain.





Everything had started here and everthing is finishing here. I am gonna miss this small but cute city. Thanks for evertything and iki pasimatymo

My lovely apartment

My lovely apartment

08 Jan 2016
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Back and sick!


Yeeey, I’m back from my sweet, exciting, happy and great (you can call it everything, except warm!) winter holidays! As I already mentioned along with few friends I visited Baltic states + Finland. The ways to Tallinn and back were nightmare, extremely tiring but other parts of the trip all of us loved.

In the beginning, we went to Tartu and saw some places there, later on we traveled to Helsinki by ferry. Actually, when I was told that we would go there by ferry, I imagined some small boat carrying people but in real, it was quite big ship, I would say. Generally, I’m terribly afraid of water but that ferry was so nice and entertaining that I did not have time to be scared.

12528415_1026977294015356_1335977724_o  1918172_906363799470887_5927226112651837533_n

Next stop was again Tallinn, where we celebrated New Year! We did it two times: one for Georgian New Year and another one for Estonian! (Usually, one time is never enough for Georgians^^). It was absolutely crazy and fun night. All of us got drunk and did things we did not remember next day (or maybe we did not want to remember :D).


Our final destination was Riga which turned out to be amazingly beautiful. It was all covered with snow and Christmas decorations were super pretty. The night we arrived in Riga was -19 by Celsius but next day when snow started it became a little bit warmer.

DSC_0671    DSC_0564

After loooooong and exhausted night we came back home and slept all day long. If you ask me to characterize my trip in one word I would say cold! I promised myself to never go to North in winter if something very urgent does not happen. I think my body just cannot resist such cold weather. To highlight this, the very next day I came back I became sick… I was happy not to be sick during out trip but now I cannot get out of the bad. Outside it’s -15 and I feel so uncomfortable :( I don’t know when I will get used to it (if ever)…


To make this post even sadder in the end, I will say that my 2 co-volunteers are leaving very soon. I knew that one of them already ended his service and had to leave but now another one is also considering to leave. Everyone is saying that I should not be upset because the whole house would be mine but it’s really sad. Despite everything, I have lived with them for more than 3 months and  it was like routine to wake up with them, go to work and come back. Soon everything will change and I am sure everything will be alright, it’s just sad. Hope to see them someday somewhere and wish them all the best. Every person that had been in my life, had some impact on me (either positive or negative). This case is not exception and I would like to thank them for this!

Ali and Ugur, you guys are amazing! Never give up on your dreams and thank you for the memories we made together!

I think that’s all for now. I have a lot of mixed feeling inside me, I feel sadness… cold… sickness… temperature maybe… Oh, this country can kill you sometimes.

See you next week,


06 Jan 2016
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“Thank you Ali” – and how he saved us in Vilnius


Oras ira shaltas! And it is really really cold outside. The best time to write a blog…so much easier to concentrate! Anyway, After four months of being housemates, Ali Jaffar, our friend and volunteer is ending his journey in Marijampole, Lithuania. I am writing this blog about him as a farewell letter and for others who read our blogs, I will try to remember one best story and describe it as briefly as possible.

So, we rented a car and drove all the way to Vilnius to see the Christmas tree lightning ceremony. Ali had just came back from Paris and he was waiting for us in Vilnius. Finally, we reached Vilnius, parked the car at Pylimo g. and walked down to old town. We enjoyed the ceremony, walked around the tree and the old town, drank some tea in Vero Cafe and continued our way back to the car. Ali, as usually, followed us all the way to the car to see goodbye (he was staying in Vilnius that day). Out of the cold, we walked to the car as fast as possible, reached the place finally, gave a hug to Ali, set in the car and wow, the car engine does not start! I tried it multiple times but it didn’t start again. It is like 1 o’clock at night and I already start imagining how Gvantsa and I freeze to death in the car and people find our bodies dead in the car next morning.

But Ali completely ruined all of my expectations about death: He started to approach some random people, shouting “Atsiprashau” from a long distance and asking how to start the car back again. Then we realized we simply needed the special cables (See the photo attached) and another car. Ali continued approaching people, knocking on their car doors and asking for help. I was trying to stop him by telling that what he did was weird, strange – approaching people in the middle of a night and asking for cables and a car.

Ali never listened, haha. Finally, he came back with some good news. He said: “This woman told me to call a taxi…they usually have those cables with them and would help us”. I was absolutely shocked. Anyway, now we start another round of running around to get a taxi to help start the engine. We stopped a few of them,but none agreed to help us in an issue like that. I was completely frozen but worried more about Gvantsa, who was really tired and cold. Anyway, I asked Ali to stop running around chasing the taxi cars and simply think for another way to solve a problem. He never agreed. I went back to the car in order to start the engine. It never worked again. After a few minutes, I see Ali bringing a taxi towards the parking area. I did not believe to my eyes. I ran to the taxi and showed him the way.

In 15 minutes, our car was out from the parking area, working like an Arabic horse full of energy! I gave 5 Euros to the taxi driver for help (people would never have asked you for money if you did this in Georgia though, so I was kind of surprised when he asked for some money, but still, i was grateful to that man for such a help), gave a huge hug to Ali and said: “Thank you, Ali for saving us” and drove back home.

Yes, Ali is very stubborn sometimes. He does what he believes is right and he does it with a huge enthusiasm. He had a hotel booked in Vilnius. He did not have to help us at all, but guess what: He did it. Ali proved, that sometimes being stubborn is not that bad…but only sometimes, haha. I asked him multiple times to stop chasing around, but he never did. He did his best to get someone and he achieved his goal. It may not seem like an important thing to do, but at that moment, when we were all freezing, it definitely saved our lives.

I am attaching some photos taken with Ali. Enjoy:


Yes, he smiles…sometimes : ))


Getting ready for Kaunas!


Everyone smiles…except Ali, haha


Everyone smiles, except Ali, part 2


This is how you cut the onions: using swimming glasses


The car


Everyone smiles, except Ali, part 3



21 Dec 2015
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Christmas Party


PI “Sveikatingumo Idejos” had a Lithuanian national evening/Christmas party last week!

During the whole week, we saw our staff members doing many things to prepare for this event. They made handmade gifts for all of us and invited Lithuanian musician to show us some national songs and music. It was great!

We had gift exchange what meant that whoever’s name I chose I needed to buy a gift for her/him and the gift’s name should have started with the same letter as person’s name is. Luckily, I had not very hard letter (P) and I bought picture frame for her ^^ I hope, she liked it.

Of course, I was looking forward to see my gift. It turned out that Sharune picked my name and she gave me flowers for my hair (Geles) with adorable bag ^^ See pictures.

1390859_900257420081525_533149965_o                                       12394484_900257393414861_957903653_o                                12394777_900257380081529_951044356_o


After party, everyone was happy and smiling ^^

Apart from the party, Ramona lent us the cute Christmas tree for our house. Yesterday, Emil and I bought some toys for it and all evening we were celebrating our first Christmas (preparation) together ^^ You can see our Christmas tree below.



I think this is the last post this year. I will be on holiday till 5th of January and will be back with new stories and photos!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


11 Dec 2015
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Boring Week


Ah, after that fun and great week of Christmas trees, this is is totally boring. I had a lot of things to write and did not go anywhere except office. yes, I like working and I like what I work on but when I have in mind that holiday is coming, it is soooo hard to concentrate on job!

Oh, the holidays! I decided to have a Lithuanian Christmas and Baltic New Year. Let’s see how it will be ^^ I’m planning to go up North towards Latvia, Estonia and Finland, hope I won’t get frozen : )

I know it’s probably the smallest blog I’ve written but there was really nothing to talk about this week :D


07 Dec 2015
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Christmas Trees!

Labuka all,

The previous week has been a real week of Christmas trees! I think every city in Lithuania made its Christmas tree lightning and plays Christmas  songs in the streets.

At first, Emil and I went to Vilnius to attend a concert and see lightning. You can see the picture, it was extremely beautiful! Actually, it is the most different construction I have ever seen and I loved it! The main square was full of people and we shared very beautiful moments.



After Vilnius, next day we spent in Kaunas where the same event took place. We had dinner in a very nice restaurant on the main square and saw Christmas tree as well. Yeah, it was not as special as Vilnius tree but anyway it was great to be there.



And, finally of course our dear Marijampole. Honestly, I thought that Marijampole tree would not be special but I was wrong. It is very nice and holds special character as it has our city logos on it.


This atmosphere is really making my mood better and I feel happy while walking in the streets… I hope this week will continue to be nice and full of positive moments!


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